You Can't Break My Walls

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Oh how I love BBC Top Gear #bbctopgear #thosecarsthough #mouthwatering #arousale #americanracing


Anonymous asked: Don't let Brett mess up everything you have worked so hard on. He is part of the past. Just keep your eyes focused on the future and leave him and all the bad memories behind. You are strong. Always remember that.

thank you


this is my favorite thing of the day

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With you here it only brings up all the bad memories we had together or the ones I have of you. Its like I’m back in the past. Feeling the pain on my wrists and on my thighs. Those lines feel as though they are open again.


I never knew this day would come. I never knew you would show your face back here. To come so close to me that I would be this scared of you. I am not prepared for this day to come. I thought you were gone forever, never to come back here. I guess I was wrong. (aka, Brett Adam Levin)


Anonymous asked: You probably should cover up your address too in your license. It's not hard to figure out the first word using google maps. Just be careful. People are assholes.

idc they can’t get meĀ